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Appointment reminder program interface

I am trying to understand the use of the command line interface for the auto reminder program. I understand how I can import a list of appointments. Let’s suppose I import a list of 30 appointments. It seems that the appointment IDs will be in the cmdresult.txt file in a semicolon delimited fashion. I presume these IDs are still in the same order as the appointments were imported. If so, then I can associate the IDs with the appointments.


Then I want to get the call status for each appointment. Do I need to do a separate command line for each appointment using only one ID? Also, after I get the call status do I need to run a separate command line for each appointment in order to get the confirmation status? Or, is there some way to get statuses and confirmations in a batch manner? Thank you.

These commands should use appids, which is a list of the returned appointment IDs. But you do need to call get status and get confirmation in separate commands.

I am trying to decide if I should use the auto reminder with a commandline interface or try to develop a VB interface to the Gateway. In looking at the VB simple interface, I can see the simple calltext and callaudio functions. I do not understand how to mix these as is handled in the message designer. In other words, playing audio file then inserting text to speech for a name then playing another audio file, then getting a confirmation tone, etc. Can these types of things be done with the VB interface to the Gateway? If so, do you have any sample code? Also, do you have any sample code for getting call status and confirmation status using the VB interface?

If you can use the command line interface, you should. It is much easier to develop and maintain. To understand the full usage of the gateway interface, which uses VoiceXML, please take a look at the gateway tutorial, and outbound call gateway tutorial first. The simple call interface does not have all the functions you look for.

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