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Scale up appointment reminder

I am looking for information regarding the use of AutoReminder in an enterprise environment. Basically I need to know how large an AutoReminder installation can scale to in regards to number of calls processed, number off appointments stored, etc. I understand that this is partially dependent on how many SIP trunks are assigned and licensed but need to know if there are any practical upper limits.

In terms of call capacity, you can scale up to 100 lines for a computer. Normally you can make one call per minute per line. So with a 100 line system, you can make 60,000 phone calls per day for 10 hours per day. If you need more, you can add more computers to your dialing farm. The enterprise edition of AutoReminder is capable of utilizing multiple dialing computers.

Appointments are stored as two file, one file for reminder call on the gateway and one for appointment info. Once the call is made, the reminder call file on the gateway will be removed. So the capacity for appointments should be only limited to the file capacity on Windows system. For practical purpose, you do not have to worry about scaling up appointments.

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