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I am a Process Improvement Leader. I am currently proposing that the company automate a portion of our outbound phone call and email messages. After, some research I have narrowed the possibilities to include your product.

I am interested in making outbound calls and emails, about 700-1000 a day. However, the customer contacts must meet our customer’s requirements. I would like to ask a few questions to make sure that this is the product package we are looking for. The technical level of my questions are fairly low.

One of my questions to serve as an example is: Do I need to pre-separate the email contacts from the phone contacts on a separate list and process them at different times?

You do not need to separate email contacts from the phone contacts list. Both BroadcastByEmail and BroadcastByPhone can accept your existing contact list as is. However, BroadcastByPhone will use the phone number to call and BroadcastByEmail will use the email address to send out the email.

Voicent can definitely help you on business automation to improve process and be more efficient.

Key Benefits of Voicent Software:
Buy it once, own it for life – No recurring monthly fees, no hidden fees.
Supports all phone services, pay the phone company directly with no middle-man fees.
No per call charges, per transfer charges, or per minute charges.
No need to assign agents, as one agent logging out will allow another agent to log in and use their license.
Extensive Developer API for endless opportunities.

Flexible Pricing Structure:
Upgrade whenever you like, no restrictions
Low-cost monthly

Why choose Voicent?
Ranked #1 Managed Dialer Vendor for Auto Dialing, Predictive Dialing, and Automated Appointment Reminders
Highest ROI(Return On Investment)
Voicent has an in-house developer team constantly improving our software and integrating new technologies.

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