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Format long distance phone number for automatic dialing

we are getting ready to buy one of the voicent auto dialing systems.
Question: in formatting the list for calls to be made how does a long distance telephone number formatted? Our current database of phone # has the area code in one column and the 7 digit phone number in the other. Am i going to have to reformat my excel spreadsheet to put the area code and phone # in the same column

Yes, you have to merge area code and the 7 digit phone number.

Phone number format

The format for the phone number is free form – any character except 0-9, *, #, comma are ignored. For example, all of the following are legal phone numbers:

(800) 123-4567
Home: 800 123-4567

Dialing rules
The dialer will normally dial the numbers as is when no dialing rule is set. You can set the following dialing rules (Voicent Gateway > Setup > Options) to simply phone numbers:

1). Add 1 to 10 digit phone numbers

If set, automatically add 1 for long distance call. (800) 1234567 will be dialed as 18001234567

2). Remove local area code

If set, automatically remove local area code for local calls. 408.123.4567 and 1.408.123.4567 will be dialed as 1234567. The local area code is determined by the phone number specified in your license file.

3). Dial [x] for outside line

If set, x is dialed first before the specified phone number. You can specify any dialing prefix here, for example, *67 to block caller ID or even your calling card sequence and password.

10 digit local phone numbers

If your local phone numbers can be 10 digit, then it is best not to use the first two dialing rules. Enter the phone number exactly for the dialer to use.

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