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Autodialer generate phone list and detect fax disconnected number

I am interested in your Broadcast By Phone product but would like to ask you a question about the call list before I conider buying it. I would be using the Auto Generate Phone Numbers feature in this software but would like to know if numbers generated that are not in service, fax lines etc. would be tried once and then the program would automatically detect they are not real phone lines and erase the number from the list or would it keep on trying to call the number? Please let me know how this would work

The program can detected most disconnected phone numbers. Once it detects a disconnected number, it will mark it in the status column. You can sort, copy paste these disconnected numbers to your own exclude list.

There might be mistakes in detect disconnected phone numbers. Different phone companies, especially cell phone companies, have very different disconnected signals. Fax numbers are marked as answering machines. In future release, we’ll add fax number detection.

One sure way to tell whether a phone number is a fax or disconnected number, you can turn on Record Initial Dialing feature. You can listen to the audio to tell whether a number is a fax or disconnected.

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