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Autodialer give me error message “Too late to call”

For several weeks now I have been able to use the autodialer program succesfully. Except that sometimes there is a message that comes up saying “too late to broadcast to…” even though it is during regular calling hours.

When Broadcast By Phone autodialer program submits the calls to Voicent Gateway (the green eye ball icon on the windows notification area), the calls are put in a queue. If there are more call requests in the queue than available phone lines, the extra calls have to wait for their turn. If a call gets an available phone line, but the current time is later than the latest allowed call time, a “Too late to call” message will appear.

For example, a call request is sent to Voicent gateway and the latest allowed call time is set to 10 minutes from the submission time. If all phone lines are busy for at least 10 minutes, the gateway will issue a “too late to call” message for this call.

Normally, if you have a an auto dialer system with X number of lines, Broadcast By Phone program will maintain X number of active calls, so you should never see this message.

1). You can clean up the queue before your broadcast.

Select Operation > Scheduled calls from the gateway main menu. Click the Delete All button

2). Try not to run two BroadcastByPhone session at the same time.

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