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Remove phone number (DNC)

We are an existing customer of the VOICENT system. I had a question about the Auto Dialer Broadcasting system. We currently use these campaigns to send our pre-recorded messages to our listings. Question – Does the Voicent Auto Dialer remove phone number from the existing campaign only, if recipient asks to be removed by pressing our designated phone number? Or does it remove their number from all of our Imported lists in the Voicent portal too?

First, some background info about how lists and contacts are managed on the Voicent platform. ALL contacts are saved in the built-in CRM. The lists are simply a group of contacts that share some common features. For example, you can search and find all contacts that have the same area code and save it as a list.

There is a Do Not Call field in each contact. If the field is checked, your dialer campaigns will skip these contacts.

When customer presses a key to opt out, the software sets the Do Not Call field on that record. It will not remove the contact. (but later campaigns will not call these records).

It is important not to create duplicate records during import. That is controlled by the merge option during import. By default, new record will be merged into the existing record if they share the same phone number or email address.

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