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Autodialer using multiple call lists

I have 2 lines of Broadcastbyphone and wondering how to create 2 different call list?

At the same time can I set different options (such as press 1 to repeat for line 1 & press 1 for call transfer for line 2) respectively?

Creating call list does not depend on how many phone lines you are using. Even you have a single line system, you can create as many call list as you wish. A call list for BroadcastByPhone autodialer is simply a Windows file.

Each call list can have its own designed message. So for call list 1 you can have message 1 and call list 2 have message 2. So in message 1 you can set press 1 for repeat, and in message 2 use press 1 for call transfer.

However, you cannot designate a call list with a particular phone line, i.e., you cannot set call list 1 only use line 1. If your system use 2 phone lines, call list 1 will be using line 1 and line 2. If you launch call list 1 and call list 2 at the same time, both will compete for available phone lines.

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