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Autodialer: Skype caller ID display

What phone number will contacts see when making outbound calls with SKYPE?

Normally, it will display something like: 000012345, or call on the caller ID. But you can easily set it up to display your SkypeIn number or your cell phone number. To do so, please select the Account main menu from the Skype window, then View Account Information, then select Caller Identification

Since calls are tranferred to my headset, will I really need to purchase a “SKYPE headset” – the headset that plugs into the sound card?

This is normally not necessary. If your calls are transferred to your cell phone, for example, you just need to pick up your cell phone and answer the call. Or you can transfer it to another Skype account, running on the same or different computer, you can use regular computer microphone and speaker to talk on Skype. If you want, you can get any regular computer headset.

I have a Linksys WRT5RG. The cable that runs between the modem and the router is Cat 5. Will this setup provide the Voice Terminal function?

You actually don’t have to worry about voice terminal when you are using Skype. All you neeed is internet connection for your computer. (Voice terminal is necessary when using a voice modem, which requires analog phone line.)

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