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Setup call transfer for auto dialer

We have AgentDialer. I am trying to set up the call transfer function in Voicent Gateway.

Goal: Have AgentDialer dial out on my client’s landline, dial some callee’s phone, the callee can hit a key to talk to a live human, your system then forwards the call to my client’s cell line.

This description fits better with Voicent BroadcastByPhone autodialer than AgentDialer. The major difference between these two products are the following:

1. Auto dialer makes a call, when it detects a human voice answering the call, it plays a pre-recorded message. In the message you can inform the called person to press a key to transfer to a live person.

2. AgentDialer is a predictive dialer. When it makes a call and once it detects a human voice, it immediately transfers the call (normally uses a screen pop up). The key difference here is that the person receives the call will not hear a pre-recorded audio message. The call transfer happens automatically after he or she says Hello. If the transfer and operator talks immediately after the call is transferred (see the screen popup), the person receives the call usually cannot tell whether the call is initiated by a human or a computer.

I am testing Agentdialer by dialing from my client’s landline, calling my own phone, hearing the test recording, and trying various things to make your system put me on hold and dial my client’s cellphone line.

I see the call transfer screen. I see the Prefix < transfer to phone number > and Suffix.

Prefix and suffix is not very well explained. I take it that the prefix is the initial flash + *72 and suffix is whatever happens when a person hangs up?

Prefix is whatever digits you need to press before the transfer phone number
Suffix is whatever digits you need to press after the transfer phone number. If there is none, simply leave it blank.

What is the usual symbol or character sequence to get the phone to flash?

Use exclamation mark !

For more information about setting up call transfer, please click the Help button on the call transfer page.

I assume that AgentDialer or Gateway would take a keypress from the callee that triggers your program to do the call transfer to the third line. As in “Press 9 to talk to a live person.” What is that keypress?

Please install BroadcastByPhone, and select Help > Product Walkthrough… from the program main menu. Basically you need to use Message Designer to setup your confirmation items.

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