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Skype phone number and caller ID

I put my cell phone number on the broadcast list without area code, thinking that this is only a local call, but it turned out as error and dialed to another country. My question is: Is it because I am using Skpe without a voice modem, Any no. I have on my broadcast list must be started with 1-areacode-XXX-XXXX for any United State’s calls, regardless local or long distance calls?

Skype is different from your local phone company. It does not differentiate area-code based long distance vs. local calls. It does have a country code for each phone number. For example, 1 is the country code for US and Canada. So, yes, you must enter 1-areacode-xxx-xxxx for the call.

However, you can setup the dialing rule on Voicent Gateway. Please select the gateway main menu > setup > options > outbound, and select “add 1 to 10 digit numbers”. Once you do that, you can enter the phone number without the country code 1.

After my first test call to my cell, the caller id shown as 1-000-012-3456 on my cell. Is this an actual caller id and not a “blocked id” in respect to the receiver? My concern is, if a receiving phone that is set up as “not pick up” for any calls catagorized as “blocked id” calls, my calls would not be picked up at the other ends at all.

You can setup the caller ID for your Skype call. Please see question 10 of Skype FAQ.

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