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Customer care clerk autodialing application

Is it possible to share the broadcast by phone file so that a customer care clerk can enter the names over our network and the software looks for the file every morning and call those names in the list? We don’t want them going to the PC at all. If this is possible how do we do it?

If you have Enterprise Edition of BroadcastByPhone, you can install the client part (the spreadsheet window) of the program on the customer care clerk’s computer, he can then save the names and phone numbers directly to a BBP call list. Then every morning he can launch the call list from his computer, and the dialing will be from the server computer.

You could also implement this with some some custom software programs or scripts. One possible implementation is shown below:

1) Write a web-based application to accept phone numbers from customer care clerks. Save the phone number in a file or a relational database

2) Write a script to collect the phone numbers and launch the BroadcastByPhone program. The command line option for BroadcastByPhone program is:

vcast.exe <call list file>
[-confirmcode ]
[-wavfile ]
[-import ]
[-numbers ]

For more details, please check the program Help file.

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