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Add lines to auto dialer

I use Skype and have paid for SkypeOut ( provides me with a phone number to call and receive calls from and to landline phones) I will be purchasing the Professional Edition as I don’t think i’ll need remote access. My question is this:

1) Do I purchase additional phone numbers from Skype for multiple calling?

Yes, it is strongly recommended especially if you have the unlimited skype subscription plan. If you just have SkypeOut credit, it might not matter since you are charged on a per minute basis.

2) Do i need to purchase a multiple line Professional Edition?

Yes. One thing you might want to consider is the Enterprise Edition. Since Skype has changed its fair usage policy, the unlimited calling subscription has a daily limited of 50 different phone numbers for outbound calls. You might need to use the “line rotation” feature of the Enterprise edition to automatically switch Skype lines. For more details, please see another KB article about the Skype fair usage policy.

3) To add more lines, do I need more computers or can they run off one laptop?

It depends on the laptop. Please see hardware requirement when using Skype.

I’m simply intersested in delivering outgoing messages for insurance sales leads where the call receiver can listen to message and press 1 if they’d like more info or 2 to opt out of future calls.

4) Running just one phone line per day may not reach the numbers I’ll need to create steady appointments. Do I set myself up with virtual phone numbers from Skype? Can you clarify how go about setting this up?

The recommended configuration is to use multi-line Voicent system, and each line with a different Skype account. For each Skype account, you could get a virtual phone number, which is called SkypeIn number. For outbound calls, the only use of SkypeIn number is to be able to display that number as the caller ID. (You could associate a Skype account with your mobile phone also). To setup caller ID, simply go to your Skype account and set it up under Caller ID.

5) I’m planning on using a professional voice studio for clarity in my outgoing message. Can I just upload the .wav file?

Yes. But please make sure the .wav file format is PCM 8KHz, 16 bit, mono. If you try to convert it yourself, the audio quality will suffer. Also, please make sure the recording volume is loud enough. The sound effect over the computer microphone is very different from the phone.

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