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Remote access auto dialer

Dear Support team; is there a way that we can have the Gateway resides on a server, and the actual BBP autodialer list is on a remote PC? that way its easier to be maintained and kept my other people in the company without the interference with the network team; Please advice

Yes, that’s exactly what the Enterprise Edition is for. If you have Broadcast By Phone autodialer Enterprise edition, you can install the gateway software and BBP software on a server computer, and also install the BBP software on any other computer. The remote access is controlled by the licensed number of simultaneous access. The default is 1. But if you need more, you can simply upgrade your software to get more simultaneous access.

It is also possible to access the gateway outside of your LAN (if you set up router/firewall to allow this). More details can be found in the Enterprise Edition setup guide, which is availble from Windows Start Button > All Programs > Voicent.

Thank you so much, I was able to work it out. But I still can’t find a place where you can limit the remote recording of a voice message by a password

There is no limit or control for remote recording. The password (gateway > setup > options > control > Remote Connection Password) is used for controling the remote connection for Broadcast By Phone client.

Also if I record the voice message on the remote computer; where is the actual RTP going to go; is it going directly to the SIP termination from the remote PC; or it will have to pass through the GW? Last; where can I add more remote agents logins count? it can only take 1 remote PC I think at the moment. Thanks again and in advance for your help;

The audio is first sent from the client to the gateway, then it is sent to the SIP termination. All actual calls are happening in the gateway computer, the BBP client is just a simple controller app.

To add more remote access, you need to purchase more client access. As we explained before, the default enterprise edition comes with 1 remote access. To upgrade for more client access, please visit Voicent online store, select your product and click the upgrade link.

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