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Auto dialer line drop

Just testing call volumes and am encountering a number of log entries stating:

RESPONSE: HTTP/1.1 555 telephone.linedrop Auto disconnect after 60 seconds

What exactly causes the linedrop? We are running a 10-line voicent gateway

This auto disconnect error is caused by the outbound call not being connected or answered in 60 seconds. There are a few other safety controls you can set on Voicent Gateway > Setup > Options > Advanced tab. Among them are:

1. Disconnect after x rings
2. Disconnect as soon as answering machine is detected
3. Force message play after x seconds after human voice detected

Especially for VOIP calls, the time to connect tends to be longer and also depends on the particular VOIP service provider used. For example, based on the actual connection routes at the moment, VOIP calls to certain area codes can also take longer time to connect. Sometimes these long delays are caused by the limited capacities of the VOIP service provider’s switches.

The only thing Voicent Gateway can do is to wait a little longer to disconnect. But that won’t solve all the long delay problems.

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