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Auto Dialer using MySQL Database

We currently have your BroadcastByPhone software, but are looking to possibly purchase the Enterprise edition for our clinics – but I had a question and when I contacted the sales dept by phone, they were unable to answer it and requested that I email support for one of the developers to answer. Our question is:

Can the BroadcastByPhone system interface with Linux/MySQL based systems to update the calling list automatically? Either directly, or by connecting to output (CSV) generated by MySQL (by http copy, etc)? Our patient data system is based on Linux/MySQL and not on Windows-based machines…

The software will not ready MySQL database directly. However, this can be easily accomplished through the command line interface of BroadcastByPhone program. Once you have the CSV file generated, simply invoke BBP through the command and with the option for an import file.

In addition, the command line also has an option to call a script or submit an HTTP post after each call is finished. This should be handy to automatically update your MySQL database. All the call parameters and call status will be available for the callback.

The details of the command line is available in the program Help Topics under the Help menu.

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