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Check quality of phone lines

I’m currently investigating the use of your Broadcast By Phone software as a monthly tool to check the quality of our phone lines, of which we have about 1,000 per month. I would like to understand the following questions:

We do have large organizations using Voicent software to manage a large number of phone lines. In addition to BroadcastByPhone software for making outbound calls, they also use Voicent IVR Studio to better handle the call message.

1. Do you have a full list of answer types, i.e.; human pick-up, answer machine etc.

Yes. In addition to human pickup and answering machine, the software can also tell the standard disconnect phone line signals, busy tone, no answer, etc.

2. Will the program distinguish unanswered calls if there’s a recorded message, i.e.; “This is a long-distance call, charges may apply” versus “This line is not in service” etc?

The software will not understand what a message says. However, for standard messages like disconnected phone number, your phone company normally plays a standard tone before the message, and Voicent software can detect the tone and thus understand a line is disconnected.

In addition, Voicent IVR Studio can be used to further processing call interactions. Some of our customers use it to load test their phone menu.

3. Can the software determine line quality, i.e.; if the call is connected will it/can it determine that all parties can hear each other etc?

You can definitely record the phone audio and process them later. But to automate the whole process and to be able to tell whether the line quality is good or not, would require a lot of customization.

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