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Voicent Gateway call status string

If you directly interface with Voicent Gateway, you might need to interpret the status string from the gateway. These strings should be quite stable but is not guaranteed to be the same from released to release. If you do not have the gateway client library (only available if you have the developer subscription), you can parse these strings yourself.

Here is the current list of call status and reason strings.

Main Status (very stable):

“failed” : failed
“made” : either human pickup and answering machine
“pending” : call is still in the queue
“retry” : call will retry

minor status string (5.0.0 release or later, additional message string not that stable):

“Service Not available” : e.g. cannot get starting vxml file
“Service Error” : e.g. web server down
“Answering machine force disconnect”: auto disconnect answering machine based on option
“Call did not go through”: no answer, max ring reached etc
“Answering machine no beep detected” : fail based on option

“Line occupied” : could not get a line with dial tone
“Line disconnected” : line disconnected by either party before message playing
“Transfer noanswer (call Dropped)” : no answer for transferred call
“Line Busy” : line busy tone
“No Answer” : no one answers the call

“Call succeeded”
“Message left on answering machine”

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