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Privileges to start Windows system service

I tried to install software to load broadcast by phone. I keep getting an error: “service voicentgateway failed to start, verify you have suffient privileges to start system services.”

Windows system services are programs or processes started by Microsoft Windows operating system when a computer is booted. Some of the programs are part of the Windows operating system, while others, such as Voicent Gateway, are programs installed by user.

To see all the running services, please click on the Windows Start button, then choose Control Panel, then select Administrative Tools, then select Services.

Since these system services are started by the Windows operating system automatically, they must be run under the Windows System account. Thus, when installing the software, you must be an “adminstrator” in order to install and start these services.

Go to Windows Control Panel, select User Accounts. Make sure your user account has “Computer Administrator” listed. If not, please contact the user who has the administrator account.

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