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Autodialer phone number format

We’re getting ready to use the product. I’ve searched knowledge base and FAQ’s without finding an answer.

What format does the number need to be in? Does it have to have dashes or will periods be ok, i.e. 123-456-7890 or 123.456.7890?

Is the area code required for each number? It is required in our calling area, even for “local” calls.

All the format will do. The software will take out any thing that is not a digit before dialing. Special characters (, * #) will be kept also.

You should put the number exactly as you would dial.

You can also setup the dialing rule in Voicent Gateway. Please click on the gateway icon, select Setup > Options… from the main menu. With different dialing rule, the system will apply the dialing rule before dial the number. For example, if you set “Remove area code for local calls”, and the phone number specified in your license is “123 xxx-xxxx”, and you specify the phone number in BroadcastByPhone as “123 555-1212″, the system will remove area code “123″ first, and will only dial the local number “555-1212″.

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