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Autodialer crashes

I have just purchased BroacastByPhone Auto dialer 2 line professional with 2 modems. I have about 900 numbers to call and everything set up perfectly. When I start the broadcast it starts fine and runs for a while – after about 40 calls the PC rebooted. It did it 3 times before I gave up. I have an IBM PC running Win 2K professional 5.00.2195 SP3. PC has P4 2.8GHz 512MB Ram. Do you have any ideas. I can re-install everything on the hard drive (including Win 2K) if you think that might solve the problem. I need to run it again tonight and over the weekend so if you could get back to me ASAP – I would appreciate it.

1). Yes, you should have the latest service pack for your win2k machine.

If that does not help, please check your hardware,

2). do not use a long telephone cord to connect to the modem, use the one shipped with the modem package

3). try not to have other phone equipment (fax, etc) on the same line

4). if your computer is relative old, check the PCI slots, they may need cleanup for gradual oxidation or dust accumulation.

I have updated to latest service pack and all recommended patches from Microsoft. The software does not crash anymore. Thank you so much

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