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Autodialer: working with PBX

You will first need an analog line from your PBX. If you have a fax machine, it is connected to an analog line.

Your PBX usually requires you to dial a 9 for outside line. You can set it up in Voicent Gateway. Select Setup > Options from the gateway main menu. Check the box marked as “Dial <> for outside line”. You need to determine how many commas to include after the 9. Comma represents delay in the dialing sequence. Usually 2 to 3 commas are sufficient.

If the delay is not set up correctly, your telephone calls might not go through, though the program might still think it is OK. For example, if the delay is too short, the system will start to dial the rest of the phone number before the outside line dial tone. In this case, your PBX box might play an error message. But to the Voicent system, it is exactly the same as an answering machine or voice mail.

To understand what exactly the system “hears” when it dials out, you can do the following:

1). Select Help > Record Initial Dialing from Voicent Gateway main menu. This will turn on the recording mode. The initial dialing audio, from the ring tone to the time the system start to play your message, is recorded for every call. Please note the whole call is not recorded, only the initial part.

2). Make some calls

3). You can hear the recorded wave files. They are under
C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\pickup_*.wav.

You can usually tell what is going on. If you cannot, please send us the log file and the pickup_*.wav files. You can send the log files by selecting Help > Report Problems from the gateway main menu. The wave file can be sent to

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