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Call forwarding and call transfer

I am having a real problem with call transfer. I have call transfer with my phone co. I have gone into the gateway, under options and set it. the phone co told me that to use call transfer, i should enter *72. So that is what i have under prefix. for suffix, i have 928 (thats my area code) and the 7 digit phone number is under “default phone numbers to transfer to. what am i doing wrong? how can i fix this?

It looks like you are using the call forwarding feature instead of the call transfer feature.

Here is how call forwarding works:

If a phone has call forwarding setup, such as busy call forwarding, then an incoming call will be forwarded to another phone whenever the current phone line is busy. So if you set your home phone
to busy call forward to your cell phone, and someone calls your home and the line is busy, you cell phone will ring. There are other types of call forwarding too, such as delayed call forwarding. You can check your phone company’s website for more details.

For call transfer, the usage is completely different. Here is a typical sequence:

1. You make a phone call to A
2. A wants to take to B
3. You transfer the call to B by entering a fix key sequence set by your phone company. For example, if you are using Vonage, you can press the Flash key, followed by #90, followed by B’s 11 digit phone number, then followed by #.
4. Now the call is transfered and A and B are talking
5. You are disconnected from the A and B. You phone line is free to make another phone call

Some phone companies do not offer call transfer service for certain areas. But usually they offer 3-way calling. The sequence of 3-way calling is almost the same as call transfer except the last step 5, in which case you are still connected to A and B. So the three of you are in a conference.

You cannot use call forwarding to set up Voicent call transfer

As you can see, call forwarding has completely different usage. It cannot be used with Voicent Gateway for call transfer purposes.

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