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Call transfer popup screen line number display

The Voicent program would have the wrong phone line (and subsequently the wrong prospects name pop up) when dialing

The line number is actually from Microsoft Windows Operating system. It is the order that the modems are recognized. The order is fixed and will not change from reboot to reboot. Voicent Software merely use the same order provided by Windows OS.

One important thing about the modem ordering (phone line ordering) is that is is not necessary related to the PCI slots ordering. Based on the Windows ordering, the top PCI slot might not be the first modem. If it is recognized as modem #2, then Voicent will display Line 2 in the popup window.

The best thing to do is to make a few test calls to yourself. Once you figure out the line numbering, then you should label your telephone or line. For example, put a sticker on your telephone with the correct line number.

You could also try to reinstall modem in order to affect the line ordering.

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