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SMS and Voice Gateway

Do you offer a solution for SMS/Voice in one platform? We are needing a gateway to use for our Multi Factor authentication platform, sending out One Time Passwords VIA Text or Voice Message

Yes, Voicent Gateway is a voice and SMS gateway in one platform. You can use it to send text or voice calls. The SMS feature is added in release 8, so make sure to download the latest release when you want to try the software.

It should be pretty easy to send text or voice using the gateway, especially if you do not need interactive features. You can use the Simple Call Interface to trigger a call. The simple call interface is assuming a voice call. To send a text message, you need to specify one more parameters (“sms=1″), everything else should be the same.

Does this tie in easily with other software… By that I mean can it work in conjunction with our multi factor authentication solution to send out voice or SMS?

Yes, the platform has HTTP interface and supports W3C’s VoiceXML standard. In addition, Voicent also provides IVR Studio, which is a GUI based development tool for the gateway. There are built-in support for relational database, web server, email server, and other programs. Within the interactive voice/sms application, you can also launch a Java program or script, and process the return values. All within the IVR Studio environment.

You can download the software and give it a try. By using IVR Studio to create your application, you do not need to know the lower level VoiceXML code.

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