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License key and network card MAC address

If I find the computer too old, can I move the software to another computer?

Yes, but please make sure you have your license key tied to a moveable network adapter, such as a USB network card. For more information about Voicent license scheme, please see License FAQ, and KB article Move software to another machine

I spoke with a tech guy at a computer store and we are unsure what I am buying. He suggested that a “network card” is typically something that is hard wired into a slot on a desktop and isnt usually USB. I just want to be sure I get the right product. In the desk top I intend to use there is a Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter 2.4GHz. Is this what’s needed?

They can be both PCI based or USB based. Some have wireless features and other don’t. For Voicent, as long as it is a network adapter, it should have a physical unique address (MAC address). This address is used to identify the computer.

You can use the Linksys adapter. It has a wireless feature and it is a card you plug into the PCI slot. However, this is usually hard to move than a USB based card. A lot of new computers, especially the slim version, do not offer PCI slot any more.

I guess what I am unsure about is how the Network Adaptor is used with the Voicent program. So… I plug this USB Network Adaptor into the port… Then what? Just install the program on the computer? Does something from the Adaptor (unique ID #) get read by the Voicent program allowing it to operate on the computer that has this plugged into it? Is it that simple?

Then, if I upgrade to a newer computer in the future, I just unplug the USB Network adaptor from the old machine, plug it into a new machine, install the Voicent program with the License Key and I’m operating on the new computer?

When Voicent program starts, it first checks the license key, which has the information about the network card. If the program finds the network card present in the computer, it verifies the software license. So, actually, you do not even need to connect the USB network adapter to the internet. As long as it is recognized by Windows OS, the license key should be valid.

When you move the software to another computer, just make sure you have the network adapter plugged in to the new machine. The software will prompt you to request a new license key. Our server will automatically re-issue you a new license key for the new machine.

but… the existing network card that is hardwired on the back of the computer, (Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter) do I remove it to be sure the new USB adapter one is identified by Voicent?

No, you can have multiple network adapters on the same computer. As long as the USB adapter is recognized by Windows, Voicent software will recognize it.

One further thing… just making sure… how do you insure the software registers to the right network card? If I leave the old one in the port and get a USB one, is there a way or prompt to direct Voicent to register with the USB Network Adaptor?

Yes, when you request your license key, if there are multiple network adapters there, it will ask you to pick a network card to register for your license key.

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