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Setup VOIP Call Transfer

How do i set up Call Transfer Using Call Centric

Voicent Gateway has two call transfer mode (gateway > Setup > Options > Call Transfer):

Transfer to another phone number

Simply enter the phone number you want the call to transfer to. Make sure you specify the country code + phone number. For US and Canada, the country code is 1.

Like most VOIP services, Callcentric does not offer native call transfer. So call transfer has to rely on Voicent gateway (or softphone program). When a call needs to be transferred, the gateway calls the transfer phone number, and then a call conference is established on the gateway. Since it requires a conference call, please make sure your VOIP account support at least 2 channels.

Transfer to computer

Use Voicent RemoteAgent program to login from a remote computer, then the call will be transferred to the computer. Agent can then use computer headset to talk. With this option, there is no need for an additional channel for the call transfer since no conference call is used.

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