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Modem Installation Not recognize modem

I installed the Zoom PCI driver, and installed the modem to the PCI driver. But when I go to Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options, Modems tab, I do not see any modem listed there. What is going on?

Please try the following steps:

1. Put zoom cd in again, then uninstall Zoom PCI driver
2. Then install the Zoom PCI driver again. You should find
C:\Program Files\Zoom\XP folder
3. Reboot computer
4. Right Click on My Computer Icon, select Properties, then select Hardware tab, click Device Manage button

You should see a PCI device with question mark on it. That is the modem installed, but not yet recognized by your computer. (Normally, your computer should come up with a Found New hardware window after reboot)

Right click on the unrecognized device, and choose Update Driver…

In the Welcome to Hardware Update Wizard window, choose “No, Not this time” and click Next

In the next window, select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click Next

In the next window, choose “Search for the best driver in these locations”, and choose “Include this location in the search”, then click the Browse Button. From the Browse For Folder window, select C:\Program Files\Zoom\XP, click OK. (This folder contains the modem driver). Click the Next button.

The driver installation window will come up. You may see standard windows disclamer box regarding windows logo testing, click “Continue anyway”. Once installed, you should see the modem listed under the modems folder of the Device Manager window.

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