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Autodialer dialing rule


The message broadcasted was not receive by all the sample recepient inspite of the fact that all the calls were successful. How do I resolve this problem.


If your line connection is OK, one place to check is your phone numbers entered. Voicent program will dial the phone numbers exactly as entered. For example, if you enter 408-999-9999 in the BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet, the system will dial 4089999999. For long distance, you might need to add 1 in front of the number. Or if it is a local number, you should just enter 999-9999 without the area code.

If you do not want to change the number in the spreadsheet, you could set up the dialing rule. Please click on the Voicent Gateway icon, select Setup > Options. In the dialog window, please set the appropriate call control options.

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