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Failed to initialize TAPI

TAPI is Windows’s interface for telephony applications. Voicent Gateway could not function if this interface is not initialized correctly. If you experience this problem, please check:

1. TAPI interface is installed correctly

From Windows’s control panel, click Phone and Modem Options. From the dialog window, select the Advanced tab. Please make sure “Unimodem 5 service provider” is there.

2. Please make sure you have no other telephony applications are using the phone line

Applications such as answering machine or dialup connection maybe active before Voicent gateway starts up. If these applications occupy the line, Voicent Gateway might fail to get access to the same phone line.

3. Reinstall Voicent Application

Sometime if you install Voicent Application before install the voice modem, the TAPI initialization might fail. In this case, just uninstall all Voicent programs first, then install them again.

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