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Auto dialer campaign getting too many customers

How do i configure the dialer so that it does not dial when there is no agent available? Currently, it begins to dial out, even if there is no agent available. This will be very wasteful of resources if the system continues to create outbound calls while the agent is already on a live call. Sure, the inbound callback route should be open, but there should not be new press 1 calls being made while the agent is speaking to a prospect and unavailable.

If you are using a predictive dialer, the dialer will automatically pause and resume based on the availability of the agents. Because in this mode, agent must be available immediately once there is a live call.

For auto dialer, normally customers are expected to wait for the calls being transferred after they press 1, so even there is no available agent at that time, customer will stay on line. Also, the connection ratio is much lower in auto dialer campaigns than predictive dialer campaigns, so it is more efficient to keep dialing even if there is no agent available.

The key is to make the press 1 to use queued transfer, which will put customer in a transfer queue. If you consistently getting a full queue, you may consider to reduce the number of channels for a campaign. And as a last resort, you can always manually stop and resume a campaign.

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