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How many lines to purchase?

If I purchase the AutoDialer for $299 and I already have multiple lines on my VOIP (Skype business) so that multiple calls can be made simultaneously will I need to buy multiple lines on Voicent Gateway as well? Or do I just need to pay the $499 since my VOIP already has the multiple lines for me to use

You will need to have multiple-line/channel version of Auto dialer in order to utilize the multiple channels your VOIP service provide. For example, if you want to make 4 simultaneous calls, you need to have 4 channels from Skype Connect VOIP service, AND you need a 4-Line version of Voicent Broadcast By Phone Auto Dialer. You do not have to worry about Voicent Gateway, it is included in your BroadcastByPhone purchase.

For more pricing info, please see auto dialer pricing.

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