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Skype setup and usage

Call SIP without DID

I have the SiP information stored. I also have Skype. I wanted to record a message by phone. How can I do that if I am using the SIP and it does not have a DID? You can use the … Continue reading

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Windows remote session manager

need help, Last night we remotely (using Windows Remote connection) logged into the computer with the voicent gateway, AutoReminder and Skype , everything looked ok, but not outbound calls were made. The report said “Line occupied , sound I/O error.” … Continue reading

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Support Skype 4.x

I checked Q & A and know that bp does not fully support skype v4.1. When are you planning to support Skype 4.1 officially? Whenever Skype supports SIP officially. SIP is the standard for Voice of IP (VOIP). Nowadays, almost … Continue reading

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