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Autodialer generate phone list and detect fax disconnected number

I am interested in your Broadcast By Phone product but would like to ask you a question about the call list before I conider buying it. I would be using the Auto Generate Phone Numbers feature in this software but … Continue reading

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Error in starting Voicent Gateway

Hello. I am interested in purchasing a 4 to 8 line version of your broadcast by phone software. However I have not been able to get the demo to actually work. The voicent gateway gives the message that the “service … Continue reading

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Debug autoreminder custom app crashes

We are running Voicent Auto-reminder and populating appointments from a custom application written in dot net. The Voicent app keeps locking-up and we can’t figure out why. We have reloaded Voicent a few times and this doesn’t help. The server … Continue reading

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