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Regulatory issues for automatic commercial phone mesage

Due to regulatory issues in Switzerland, we need approval of an automatic commercial message.

Does Voicent IVR studio offer this feature?


Hello Mr. “Name”, if you want to hear a message about car insurance, then press 1 now (commerical message follows *only* when user has pressed 1), if you need other information, press 2 (legal information about the sender follows), if you don’t want to hear any messages about car insurance, press 3 (user is removed from database)

Can your software handle different follow up voice messages, depending which key has been pressed?

Yes, BroadcastByPhone autodialer can be used to send automated phone message out. And you can use IVR Studio to design multiple messages like you describe.

You can take a look at the Multiple Language sample in IVR Studio. It asks the person called to press 1 for an English, press 2 or Spanish. Very similar to what you try to do.

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