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Automatic dialer call transfer notification

The program, Broadcast by Phone , is locking up my computer very often. It seems to only be when I use the call transfer option.

We found this line in the log files you submitted:

Alert cannot find agent for line: 1

Looks like you are using “same line call transfer” (gateway > setup &gt option &gt call transfer) and the system cannot find anyone who is logged in.

By default, if you are running locally, the gateway will automatically start an “agent” and log in, unless you turn off the local agent. It can be turn on or off using the gateway call transfer dialog window mentioned above. If the agent is not logged in, the system will not be able to transfer the call.

If you are using Enterprise edition and are using a remote computer, please make sure to log in using Voicent RemoteAgent program. Once logged in, the gateway will pop up a screen whenever there is call transfer.

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