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Failed to get response from SIP service

I am testing out the free version of Broadcast By Phone in order to evaluate it for a possible purchase.I have created a Skype Manager account, subscribed to a single channel, purchased Skype Credits, and transferred a reasonable number of credits to “outgoing calls” for the channel we subscribed to. I have obtained the relevant SIP code and password, and entered them in the Voicent Gateway.

Unfortunately, when I try to start the Voicent Gateway, it fails to start and returns a “Failed to get response from SIP service” error.

I presume that I have not correctly configured my Skype accounts correctly to get this all to work. I followed your various tutorials as best I could, but apparently something is not right. Please help me get this working

If you used the Phone Setup Wizard to setup Skype, your Skype account is probably configured correctly. If you want to check, open Voicent Gateway, select Setup > Options > SIP Tab, select the SIP account listed and then click the Edit button. Make sure the domain name is:

The “failed to get response” error indicates that Voicent sends message to Skype, but somehow the returning message cannot reach Voicent. The possible cause is the firewall program on the computer or on your router.

Check firewall program on your computer

To test if this is the problem or not, disable it on your computer. Common firewall programs include Windows firewall, Norton, and McAfee. Once it is disabled, restart Voicent Gateway program and try again. If this works now, turn on the firewall program. You’ll need to add exceptions for Voicent Gateway to your firewall program. Since each firewall program is different, please check its user manual for detailed instructions. Here are two example: enable Voicent gateway from Norton firewall, and enable Voicent Gateway from McAfee Firewall.

You may also need to open ports on firewall program that are used by Voicent Gateway.

Check firewall program on your router

If the above still does not work, test it by connecting your computer directly to the dsl/cable modem directly (without the router). Make sure you can still get on the internet. If not, reboot your computer. Restart the gateway to see if it fixes the problem. If it does, then you need to add firewall exceptions to your router. The ports that need to be opened are show above.

If you cannot unplug the router connection, then check your router log files to see if any traffic is blocked from your VOIP service.

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