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License for automated phone call program

Hi, I am developing a program, that if an employee of our firma does not come to work, it calls him and delivers a message. My question is: What type of license do I need? My program have no inbound connections only calls the employee and delivers a message. Must I buy BroadcastByPhone as well or only a license of the the gateway?

You can either get the Gateway outbound license or BroadcastByPhone autodialer license. The BroadcastByPhone license includes an outbound gateway license, and the cost is the same.

Thank you for your answer. If I buy the BroadcastByPhone license (with an outbound included license), can my program use the gateway, in order to call and play a message? How much costs the Gateway and how much costs the BroadcastByPhone (with the included outbound license)? How much is the cost if I use skype and how much is the cost if I use a Voice Modem? Which Voice Modems supports the gateway? Only the Voicent Voice Modems?

Yes, you can use the gateway if you have the BBP license. The professional edition of BBP 1-line is $499, the same as gateway 1-line professional edition. The 1-line license allows you to use either Skype or modem.

For voice modem related questions, please see Modem FAQ

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