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Autodialer message customization

How do I assign where a call is transferred ?

First, set up call transfer on Voicent gateway. From Voicent Gateway main menu > Setup > Options > Call Transfer. Click the help button for more details.

Second, you need to design a message using the Message Designer that uses call transfer. The Message Designer Help, please select the Help menu from BroadcastByPhone autodialer main menu, choose Product Walkthrough, and take a look at topic labeled: 5. collect confirmation or feedback. Once you are done with your message, save it.

Third, select the newly designed message for your call list. Select BBP main menu > Broadcast > Select Message, choose the message Id you just created.

Next time you start broadcast with the call list, it will use the designed message. If , for example, you have associate 9 for call transfer, the when the person received the call presses the key 9, then the software will transfer the call.

How do I change the voice to male ?

Please select Voicent Gateway main menu > Setup > Options > Text to Speech. Choose the correct TTS engine and the pre-recorded voice. Please note that Voicent offers both male and female natural Text-to-Speech engines. They are add-on products that need to be purchased separately.

How do I customize the name of the person I am calling ? For example ( Hello Mr. Jones, Hello Mr. Smith ) based on the name column.

Please see the first question above. You basically need to do it with Message Designer. The BBP product walkthrough topic labled: 6. personalize message.

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