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Change TTS voice dynamically

Our customer has purchased a licensed version of BroadcastByPhone. We will be developing a .NET/C# Web Application that interfaces with your product. I have had no problems making calls from a test ASPX file. I am using the C# examples that you have graciously provided on your web site. Specifically I am invoking the CallText member function. The only question that I have (and can’t seem to find an answer to on your web site) is this: Let us say that the Voicent Gateway has a default TTS Engine Voice Selection of “Microsoft Sam”. If we want to programmatically change this at run-time to “Microsoft Mary” for courtesy calls (she is much more pleasant sounding :) ), how would I go about doing that? Does callreqHandler.jsp support an option that lets me select the TTS Engine Voice to be used for the call?

No, changing the TTS voice is a manual operation.

By the way, Voicent natural TTS voices are much better than the free Microsoft voices.

Here is my workaround…

I saved off different versions of the user.dat file, one for each TTS voice setting that I need to use (Pleasing female voice for Courtesy calls, Male voice for Past Due calls, etc.). I can then programmatically issue a net stop/start command to the Voicent Gateway Service and swap out the user.dat file that I need.

This seems to work, but do you see an issue with this?

No, there should be no issue. Your solution is very clever.

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