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Detect Gateway Running Status

I am facing issue related to Voicent Gateway.

Our infrastructure:
- Voicent Gateway Version 6.4.1
- We have one server which have setup of Voicent Gateway 6.4.1 and Voicent Autoreminder
- We have one interface which submit appointments to Voicent Autoreminder

Detail of Issue:
When our interface submit request of appointment to Voicent Autoreminder, at time reminder will check for Voicent Gateway is running or not, and if gateway is not in running mode then it could not able to place the call and give one message for gateway is not running. We are able to execute “vgate.exe” from application but we can’t able find out the status of gateway either it’s in running mode or it failed to start.

Steps taken:
As per help file of voicent we checked by “net start VoicentGateway”, but here we could not able to identify gateway is running or not or even can’t check status if it gets failed to start. we also tried to run vgate.exe but still not able to find out status of gateway.

Resolution required:
We required information regarding any events we can trace for voicent gateway, or some how we can check the status of gateway is in running mode or if not then what are the issue?.
We required some functionality like pass parameter to “vgate.exe” where we can have parameter to start, stop gateway etc… and then able to fetch the status.

First, some background information.

The gateway program vgate.exe is actually 3 programs:

1. It is a Windows Service that launches the gateway server program
2. The gateway server program is the program that makes all the phone calls
3. The gateway client program that is the user interface

The separation is needed to deal with Vista’s security limitations. If you take a look at Windows task manager program, you should see 3 vgate.exe processes. When you run vgate.exe, you are running the client program.

To test whether the gateway is running or not, you can test it with the following HTTP request:


The return should be “[OK]“.

If the gateway is not running, you should get HTTP errors.

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