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Make follow up call from C# program

I have a scenario where, using the Voicent Gateway, if the first number called has no reply or the answering machine picks up, I need to have a message left on the answering machine and also then calls a second contact number. I have successfully implemented the leaving a message portion. How do I implement the calling of the second number portion? I am writing this in C#. I already have the starturl parameter set to an page that dynamically generates a vxml file.

You have to treat the second call as a separate call. You’ll need to keep track of the first call to see if it is answered by an answering machine or not.

You can get that information from your page pointed to by starturl. It will be invoked with parameter “ans=t”.

My windows application invokes the Voicent Gateway to make a call. The dynamically generated vxml file includes instructions for the callee to Press 1 for …., Press 2 for …. I am not storing the key pressed into a database (for specific application requirement reasons). Therefore, how can I report the key pressed back to the calling windows application?

Please take a look at the Outbound call tutorial for more info.

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