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Modems for 4 Lines

We are considering purchasing your product and looking at your 3025 voice modem with 4 lines. Do we receive 4 individual single line modems or is it a single modem with 4 ports?

You will receive 4 modems. So please make sure your computer has 4 PCI slots, and it is running Windows XP.

Newer computers these days have less PCI slots built-in, instead they have more PCI-e slots. PCI-e slot cannot be used for PCI modems. So for a 4 line system, you may need to look into older computers that runs Windows XP.

The other choice is to use VOIP, which eliminates the needs for modems and analog phone lines. Actually, if you want to use Voicent Agent Dialer for predictive dialing, it is strongly recommended to use VOIP instead of modems.

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