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Use Different Web Server

Hi, I would like to know how I can configure VoiceXML Gateway to point on my personal Tomcat Web Server instead of the embedded one. I would like to use and inbound application deployed on my personal Tomcat web server. For example I want to invoke a JSP page at the path: http://localhost:8080/ivr/timeofday.jsp

This should be easy. All you need to do is in the app configuration file, specify the starturl as http://localhost:8080/ivr/timeofday.jsp. In the gateway tutorial, the timeofday example, the starturl is specified as a relative path “/td/timeofday.jsp”.

In addition to the change, do not specify the “webappname” in your conf file. If it is specified, the gateway Tomcat server will try to load the app at the system startup.

For inbound application, after you deploy your application, make sure you select it from gateway > setup > options > inbound tab > Setup IVR for inbound call. If you new app is not listed, try to restart the gateway.

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