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Windows 7 and traditional phone lines

My client’s now looking at using 4 traditional phone lines. Would he still need a PBX to hook the phone lines up? If not, how do the phone lines hook up with the pc? I took a look at your FAQ link below, and I wanted to make sure I had this right – he has Windows 7 Home Premium on the pc he’s using Voicent for. So he’d STILL need to use SIP or Skype dialing services, correct? Are those free for just dialing, or are you saying he CAN’T use regular phone lines in that case? Please advise

For windows 7, you must use VOIP/SIP for Voicent.

With SIP, you can connect to a SIP provider, such as Callcentric or Skype, directly without physical phone lines.

With SIP, you can connect to tradition phone lines through a PBX system that has SIP extension. Simply connect the phone lines to the PBX system, and setup PBX SIP extensions, then configure Voicent software to use these SIP extensions. Most PBX systems, such as Asterisk, Cisco, Avaya, smaller vendor like Talkswitch, should all support SIP extensions.

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