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SPA3102 does not work, phone call has no audio

I set up the SPA3102 and followed the youtube video step by step, it works and calls, but the phone call message does not play. It is just silent, what am I missing?

Setting up the Cisco SPA3102 is a straightforward and easy process, and nine out of ten people should have no problem installing it.

However, after the installation some users report that the phone call they receive contains no audio at all. There are a few thing that can cause this:

1) Firewalls like (AVG, Norton, etc) are blocking or filtering your phone call before it gets sent out.
2) Firewall within your router blocking or filtering the phone calls.
3) A setting within your router called “SIP ALG”, which will need to be disabled because it attempts to optimize your phone calls.
4)The analog line connected to the SPA3102 might be in use somewhere else, resulting in intermittent audio, no audio, or you might hear the audio from the other phone call.
5)Old Laptops using WiFi(Which will work, but may cause unforeseen issues if you are connected to the router wirelessly, whilst having the SPA3102 would be wired in parallel mode)

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