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Help! Why is AutoReminder repeating each call three times! Each patient receives 3 reminders…

Today the system start repeat each call three times!!! Each patient receives 3 reminders.
Please, check to see what is going on.

This problem was previously discovered, by one of our customers, to be associated with the Windows Scheduler. The user ran a script that imports CSV files into the AutoDialer scheduled to run every morning. After the import procedure is completed, the script will change the name of the file with the current date. And each time the user upgrades BroadcastByPhone, the scheduler stops working. To fix the problem, the user needs to delete the current schedule and create a new one.

The last week after upgrade, when I create a new schedule, I receive an error message, so I re-recreated schedule the second time, but it didn’t show up in the Task Schedule. Then I created a new one, again with a different name and it worked. As a result, I had a script running 3 times to import the same file at the same time. The only way to see that and delete the scheduled tasks was from the command line using this command: “schtasks /delete /TN TaskName”

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