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SPA3102 Dial Plan with PBX System – Automatically Add 9,,

When you are using the Voicent Software with an SPA3102 for your PBX system, you will run into a few troubles. The Voicent Software can support 9,, to dial out, but once the software feeds the call to the SPA3102 the commas are removed and the 9 gets added to the phone number as if it was part of it.

To resolve this you will need to modify some settings on the PSTN Line Tab of the SPA3102 Administration page.

You will change:

  1. Line In Use Voltage to 25 and below
  2. Dial Plan 1

For the Dial Plan, in order for the system to automatically add 9,, to all calls, you will want to input this:

Which will basically check your phone call for a 1 in the front, and if it finds that, it will then replace it with 9,,1 allowing the SPA3102 to automatically dial through the PBX System to reach outside lines.

Additionally Information:

SPA3102 Setup Wizard can not access administrative page, simply downgrade your firmware to version 3.3 from Cisco.

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