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New Feature: Status Update

Hi, I just installed the new version of Voicent software, and I noticed that there is a new button right before starting a Broadcast, auto dialing, agent dialing, semi automatic, predictive dialing, etc. called “Status Update”. What does this do? How can I use it? Thank you for your time

Great question!

That is a new feature that was released on release 9 (for those who does not have it might want to have an upgrade).

What does it do? It allows you to pass on arguments to a website or a script for each phone call made. This is useful when you have a client / customer database and want to update their information automatically after each phone call.

How do you use it?

For HTTP POST request:

  1. Define the url. i.e. http://myawesomewebsite/post_here.php
  2. The following will be posted AFTER each call made: url?(parameter_name)=(parameter value)&(parameter_name)=(parameter value)&(parameter_name)=(parameter value)&(parameter_name)=(parameter value)
    i.e. http://myawesomewebsite/process.php?index=50&caller=agent1&calltime=126690280&callduration=120&Name=”John Doo”&Phone=8001234567&Age=30&Notes=”confirmed”&Status=”Call Made”

For executable / script:

  1. Select your program/script. i.e. c:/Program Files/my awesome program/
  2. The following will be called AFTER each call made: -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value) -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value) -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value) -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value) -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value) -D(parameter_name)=(paramenter value)
    i.e. C:/Program Files/my awesome program/ -Dindex=50 -Dcaller=agent1 -Dcalltime=126690280 -Dcallduration=120 -DName=”John Doo” -DPhone=8001234567 -DAge=30 -DNotes=”confirmed” -DStatus=”Call Made”

Please keep in mind that the information that are passed through the program / POST request are subjective to each Voicent software.

For example: Broadcast by Phone / Auto Dialer and Agent Dialer passes different arguments.

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