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Predictive Dialer for international user

I’ve got my own asterisk server, it have a specific dialplan along with a gateway gsm and few gsm card of brazilian providers, What I want to do is use your software but make calling trough my server. I mean, … Continue reading

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Automated outbound call for appointment setting

Looking for appointment setting with an auto dialer to make outbound calls. 1. BroadcastByPhone auto dialing software which will let you design a message and broadcast it to an audience. For lead generation this is as simple as recording your … Continue reading

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How to find the Program Data folder

Where does Voicent save program setting files? Where can I find my message designer files? Voicent software will save files like program settings and message designer messages in folders located in C:\ProgramData\Voicent, which by default is a hidden folder on … Continue reading

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